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By Joseph Fowler

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    Atlantic Records


    March 28, 2023



Those that listen to Life of a Don know that an album like this would soon come. In Love Sick, Don Toliver's quest for love and the way that he deals with it is the focus of the project. We all know that love is one of life's most exceptional experiences but could also be disheartening. Toliver's inspiration and storytelling help molded the project in which he entitles Love Sick

Since signing to Travis Scott's Cactus Jack Label he has dropped two studio albums that have proved that the Houston rapper is just getting started. Everyone that works with Don always mentions how creative he is and it's true. You can tell in his music that he is a miniature version of his mentor Travis Scott. But he is now going into his own prime path. His voice is one of the best out there in Hip-Hop and is one reason why Toliver is sustainable.

I think Life of a Don was a tad better than this project but I did like the beat selection and collaborations on this album. My favorite songs form this Love Sick is definitely Private Landing featuring Future and Justin Bieber and also Embarressed featuring fellow Cactus Jack member Travis Scott. 

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