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By : Joseph Fowler

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    Capital Records / UMG Recordings


    March10, 2023



If you're a Masego fan you're probably thinking "finally new music!" After the dropping of his first project entitled Lady, Lady the multitalented musician and songwriter has been doing a lot of collaborations with other artists like Kehlani, Van Jess and more. 

He has now finally dropped his second project and it was worth the wait. Masego keeps exploring sounds through various melodies and songwriting which makes him a favorite to listen and collaborate with. On his sophomore album he reintroduces himself as the multidimensional artist that creates sonically sound beats and smooth vocals. 

Masego continues to show his growth as he delivers this upbeat project by experimenting with sounds and instruments. The Grammy-nominated artist chose this project to have no features and instead decided to collaborate with other musicians and producers for this album making it more of a sound masterpiece. My favorite songs from this project are "Black Anime" and "Afraid of Water"

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