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By : Joseph Fowler

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    Paper Route / Empire


    March10, 2023



Lil Yachty has stated that he wanted to be take more seriously as an artist and that he's constantly had to "prove" himself throughout his career. Lil Boat who's 25 has had a crazy ride of a career and now in the prime of it he delivers Let's Start Here, of which seems to been an alternative album.  

With last year Poland many fans thought that Yachty would deliver another hard passed trap hip hop album again with an edge but instead after years of us waiting he delivers something better. Let's Start Here showed versatility and exploited creative shockwaves throughout the whole project. I must say after hearing it once I was a fan. Also I heard it leaked but I heard it for the first time when it dropped because I wanted to make sure it was completely finished and nothing had been out of order. It did not disappoint.

With help from Sad Pony, Foushé, Daniel Casper, Teezo Touchdown and more Lil Yachty proved that he he was more than a "Soundcloud" rapper in Let's Start Here. My favorites are "drive ME crazy!" and "the ride". Take a listen if you haven't and be prepared to be taken for a long joyous alternative hip ride. 

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