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By : Joseph Fowler

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    April 3, 2023



On their first joint album the collaboration couldn't have been better with The Alchemist relaxed tempos and the San Francisco rappers mellow bars, I think it was a huge success!

I have been following Larry June for some time now and for those that don't know he has been in the game for a long time now. I remember in college me and my roommate came across Glock 40, one of his hits off of his self-titled Ep "Larry". Since then he has dropped numerous projects. I was actually kind of late in discovery as he had dripped his first mix-tape in 2013 entitled Cali Grown.

As Larry's progressed so did his collaborations. A lot of rappers and producers starting seeing how not only his flow rare but so is his deliver and tone in which he raps. It seems that he is your therapist or teacher the way he pours out his lyrics. He is one of the independent favorites these days and will continue to be as he seems to have found his niche. 

I hope there is a part two or even three to this project as I would like to hear more of these two exchange vibes. He also has help from Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa and also Curren$y and Actions Bronson of which The Alchemist has great chemistry with. Action Bronson and who My favorite from the project is probably the same as most of you guys, 89 Earthquake and also Palisades, CA featuring Big Sean. 

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