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By : Joseph Fowler

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    Paper Route / Empire


    March10, 2023



Key Glock’s Glockoma 2 doesn’t have a single feature. In fact, featurelessness has become a defining trait of the 25-year-old South Memphis rapper’s work. His last project Yellow Tape 2 also had no features, showing the rapper's versatility and maturity since the passing of his right hand man Young Dolph.


It seems that Key Glock has an ambition..for cash and making hits. As his Paper Route label keeps evolving so does he with this multi genius piece of work similar to his past. Personally I'm a big fan of Key Glock and what he and Young Dolph has done to the game by staying independent and keeping the focusing and ambition for the hustle alive. 


We all know that Key Glock is just barely starting with rumors that another project will be dropping this year. I have two favorites on this project. "Work and "2 for 1" absolutely slam. Take a listen and get into the focus for the ambition as well.  

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