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By : Joseph Fowler

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    April 17, 2023



Saxophonists Terrace Martin and Kamasi Washington, pianist Robert Glasper and producer 9th Wonder form the supergroup "Dinner Party". The super group has been together for only just about 3 years and have made some great music and done some amazing collaborations. 

For the real music heads who are into jazz and R&B know that this is a treat to have a compilation project featuring all of these heavyweight producers. I am personally a fan of all four artists and every wondered if a super group would happen. Being from Houston, I've heard of Robert Glasper who is not only a grammy winner like the others but has collaborated with almost every black artist in the music industry. His success speaks for itself. Terrace Martin and Kamasi Washington both are from the west coast and while they're both mainly saxophonist they each have their own style. And lastly 9th Wonder and member if Little Brother brings that indy-rap flare to the mostly smooth jazzy and R&B album.

The band collaborates with Ant Clemons, Arin Ray, Poelix and more on this smooth and easy listening project. The band's previous collaborations include Cordae, Snoop Dogg, Rapsody and more. These producers are widely known in the music industry mainly in the R&B and jazz industry and join forces with a lot of artists in the those genres. Kamasi Washington was asked about the name of the group and he stated Dinner Party is not literally a playlist for such an occasion, but rather "food for the soul." Which I think speaks for itself on not only this project but all of them. 


These guys were at Coachella this past spring and have performed on various shows and venues. I highly recommend checking these guys out if you are a huge jazz and R&B listener or if you are a DJ/producer who just appreciates smooth easy listening jazz.

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