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By : Joseph Fowler

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    Young Stoner Life / 300 Entertainment


    June 22, 2023



Gunna has been a force in the music industry every since he became patient enough to wait for his moment with the drop a a couple of early mixtapes. He rose to prominence and became super popular with some even calling him the best in the game. He has since been dealing with RICO charges on behalf of his record label and brotherhood YSL. Before prosecutors turned his lyrics into material evidence, Gunna's music was well reserved. A Gift & a Curse is a response to the questions that were made during Gunna's trial. 

He flexes ("rodeo dr," "p angels") and affirms the connections that his situation has made him cherish why he came into the game in the first place. The lead single “Bread & Butter” sets the tone, as it addresses claims he snitched, and disses his detractors. A lot of critics think that the lyrics don't match the rhythm of the beat, but I don't think that was Gunna's concern as he wanted to set the record straight. While most thinks that he's better off with songs like “Fukumean,” in which he's talking about his drip and partying hard. 

I think it was a decent comeback and response but some things could have been crafted together a tad better. At this point Gunna does have high expectations whenever he drops and I think he wanted to drop this project fairly quickly to his fans and doubters. Check out his project below if you haven't also #FREETHUG.

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