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By : Joseph Fowler

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    Cactus Jack / Sony Music


    July 28, 2023


Travis Scott - Utopia.webp

I don't know if it was just me but I'm sure I can speak for a lot of La Flame fans when I say that I was kind of disappointed by Travis Scott's fourth studio album Utopia. I was thinking he was going to deliver a blockbuster of an album but in my opinion ASTROWORLD is still number one. The collabs were decent but with the guest list I expected a better performance from most of them. I don't know if it is because Travis is so great and his expectations are high or what but for the amount of time fans waited and the creativity we all know and love Travis for was there but in a way that didn't grasps his usual fan base. It's like more of a indie - pop - rap album. This is fine but if you're a Travis Scott fan and have been waiting for 5 years for his follow up to his classic ASTROWORLD like me, sure you were jamming out but scratching your head at time.


We all know the impact that Travis Scott has had on all of these young generation of emerging hip hop artists and musicians. He has quite a catalog and has reached a maximum pedestal with criticisms of his Astroworld Festival incident and dating a Kardashian but other than that he is a global phenomenon. I'm from Houston myself as a lot of you all know and I've been listening to Travis for over a decade at this point and have seen his great success and growth which has been very fun. I'm just like many others which is why there was a collective anticipation for Utopia to drop. This album is mostly shows La Flame's production side but not his full artistry as it did for his past hits like Sicko Mode or Flying High of which stayed permanently ingrained in your mind after one listen. I had to listen to this album a few time to get that same vibe. This is a reason why hip hop is struggling to get a No. 1 hit this year, rap albums become so caught up in pop culture dynamics that they fail to produce stories that can be looked back on as classic. Overall I enjoyed it but loved his past works but I know Travis will keep trying new sounds and delivering so we'll all wait and see what's next. 

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