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By : Joseph Fowler

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    July 4, 2023



With Pink Tape we see many different sides of Lil Uzi Vert. This is always a treat because we get the trap, alternative and even hook singing. Much like his previous project Eternal Atake, this album also can be a bit overwhelming at first because of the list of songs and how they all just hit you at once. All of which is the point of course as Lil Uzi loves to drop long projects. Even his collaboration album with Future, Pluto x Baby Pluto, was a lengthy album. 


At 26 tracks, one has to really listen to this album with broad ears. His flow and energy is astonishing as always as he keeps you loose and on your toes throughout most of Pink Tape. Also out of all of his albums this one represents him the most when it comes to his rap style, energy and production. My favorites from this album are "Suicide Doors" and "Pluto to Mars." Jam it below if you haven't! 

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