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By : Misty Jane

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    Mac’s Record Label


    May 11, 2023



The over nine hour compilation of Mac DeMarco's demos, sketches, instrumentals and more is perfect for music nerd and also involves great insight of Mac's creative process. It's hard to pay attention to the 199-Song tape. Maybe due to the fact that most of the tracks sound like soundtracks or  TV commercial melodies. 

Overall One Way G shows how much Mac DeMarco has evolved as an indie artist. The Canadian stand alone is not known to throw a project like this out but he has gotten to the point where he is honorable in his own genre. This tape was not made for the solemn listeners but rather the casual ones. With a lot of rough drafts and sketches this is just another added art piece to all Mac DeMarco fans. With a lot going on in this one I did enjoy "20190730" as well as "20200107 2." I wouldn't recommend listening to this all the way through. Go for a drive or listen while hiking as this project needs no rush.  

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