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By : Misty Jane

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    Mac’s Record Label


    May 11, 2023



"Good Job Larry" is what I'd say once again as Larry has done it time and time again with The Night Shift another collaborative project this time with Cardo in which he's made a joint album with before. I think it's safe to say that The San Francisco rapper and Dallas producer are still having a good time with their chemistry and style as they have made their fifth album together. 

Larry is known these days for his collaborative work with a handful of producers as he has a simple but yet unique sound that only some producers can turn into smooth cruising music. Unlike his counterparts The Alchemist and LNDN DRGS, Cardo has a different song by song variety when teamed up with Larry June as the other producers have that main or one sound that completes the production of the project. Larry's homegrown raps and flex style of rapping is nothing new for the Bay Area rapper but in how he delivers among other things makes it all fun and a dependable legacy for June who will stay in a lane that has made him comfortable

I was a huge fan of the tape and I'm always like when these two collab because it's never anything too surprising that we don't know about the flow of Larry as well as the smooth and sleek production from Texas born Cardo that makes these two a great formula for endless ears and success. My favorite is Pop Out featuring ScHoolboy Q as I think everyone got out of their comfort zone on this hit and they all made it their own. 

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