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By : Joseph Fowler

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    Caiola Records


    Aug.11, 2023



As Jungle, the London-based duo Tom McFarland and Joshua Lloyd-Watson make feel good melodic music that is firmly rooted in the past. Now a decade in their careers they have finally made a presence in the music scene with their fun mixes and smooth tones plus harmonic sampling. There was a huge sense of urgency to drop this album as the previous two had "taken too long" receive followups. 

With Volcano, this project shows the group into what they have always wanted to be, a soulful-pop DJ duo. Jungle is similar to the likes of Daft Punk or even Justice but with a more soulful pop mentality. On their soulful pop transpired album Dominoes, which is on of my favorites, had this old soul vibe. The BPM is around 85 which is why it became a nice slow summer jam. 

Volcano continues the theme of modern mixes with soul samples and tones throughout the whole album. With all of the songs ripe for radio play. It’s confidently produced, but Jungle’s consistency leaves their record flawless. With collaborations from Channel Tres, Bas, Mood Talk and others this was a well put together project and looking to hear more from them as they continue to experiment with different sounds and melodies on theur end. 

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