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By : Joseph Fowler

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    Warner Records


    July 28, 2023



Things are looking up for 26-year-old complex rapper Chika. Her debut album Samson is one of the reasons why. The project is s reflective, unguarded, and distinct. She's lashes out about her vulnerability, concise and poise for her love for music. 

Chika has been trying to carve out a lane for herself everysince she got recognized for her freestyles on social media years ago. She has done a great job of crafting her penmanship with this masterpiece. The production is also very underrated as it shows her strong taste in beat selection. 

Already having been nominated for a Grammy already, I'm sure Samson will also get the nod. I'm a gig fan of a lot of the album on this 20 song album. She also has great collaborations like Stevie Wonder and Snoop Dogg. My favorite though is her collaboration with Freddie Gibbs on "Truth or Dare". If you have not heard Samson yet listen below and get those ears ready!

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