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By : Joseph Fowler

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    Cactus Jack


    June 14, 2023



Since Sofaygo has joined Travis Scott's record label Cactus Jack, things have been opening up with creatively for the young rapper. He has on a tear lately and this is just the beginning with his second under the label. With Purple Heartz being the first and a huge success it was interesting to see how he would follow it up. It didn't take long as he dropped this project in under a year since Purple Heartz. It's a great follow up for the fans because the sound is similar to his last project but with more metallic vocals and colorful soundscape.


Being from Georgia and he was influenced by the ATL sound and has rose to make his own. Each song rather short or long tells a story. From rinding in a foreign to his come up and how he had to relish through tough times. Sofaygo's versatility is something that he's starting to get a grip on and I'm excited for his next project which is  coming out this year I'm sure. My favorite track is We Good and of course Ye.

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