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By : Joseph Fowler

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    Sony Music


    July 7, 2023



Dominike Fike's third album Sunburn plays out like a good old episode of Euphoria, in which he co-starred in freely. He released most of the songs on the album while serving time in a county jail for breaking the rules of his house arrest. Fike is constantly creating and states that all of his success comes from great mentorship of his closet peers such as Billie Eilish, Sir Paul McCartney, Halsey and more. 

I like this album because Fike is vulnerable as he puts his best foot forward in life dealing with all sort of events. He reminds the audience that he is still young and is learning from his mistakes. All three of Fike's albums are very personal and he is very honest on all of his work. on Sunburn he is probably the most honest and blunt with his delivery in writing and production with the help of Jim-E Stack, Kenny Beats and others. 

Not only did Fike get a song on the Spider-Man Soundtrack his album peaked # 30 on the Billboard Charts and # 3 on the Rock Charts. My favorite song on Sunburn besides "Mona Lisa" is, "Dancing in the Courthouse" as it shows his happiness of not getting the jail time he expected and also getting released later after violating his parole. I also like "Think Fast" featuring Weezer as it has a retro vibe to it and is nicely written. As always we have the album below, enjoy!

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