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By : Joseph Fowler

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    RCA Records


    Sept. 13, 2023


Teezo Touchdown- How Do You Sleep at Night.webp

Not too many people know where Beaumont, Texas is and what it consists of. I actually have family from that area myself and I can tell you it's just a simple small country oil town right outside of Houston. Even Teezo will tell you that it's simple and he even likes to go back to "be himself" every now and then. Teezo Touchdown has had quite a year here in 2023. He's collaborated with a huge list of musicians like Drake, Janelle Monae and Travis Scott to name a few. He also has a strong fashion sense in which he paints his nails various colors, wears masks and football shoulders pads. All of which made him fashion icon making him affliated with the likes of Marc Jacobs, Moncler and more. He translates it all in his first studio album How Do You Sleep at Night?

While working in retail and hospitality Teezo made music on the side as he had a Soundcloud and Youtube account in which he would post his tracks. Due to his unique style and creativity he has become very popular in many regards. He has created a lane for himself as he mixes rap with pop-punk vibes along with R&B melodies. I think How Do You Sleep at Night? is a good start for Teezo as it shows his creativity of mashing genres together in his own little experiment. 

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