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By : Joseph Fowler

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    Paris Texas LLC


  • July 21, 2023



Paris Texas is not widely known yet, but will be very soon as I think they have a bright future if they can continue the wave that they're on. The wave is a big one as they had pulled together nimble raps and put them together with chaotic and heavy driven punk soundscape. 

With Alternative Hip-Hop being getting popular and featured more. The duo is at the top of the list as far as artists. The duo consists of Louie Pastel and Felix. The two producers met at a community college in Los Angeles and had great chemistry from the start. After a few projects and mixtapes, Mid Air is their first studio album. 

I thought the album sounded much like their mixtapes minus a few songs. Overall it packed a punch like it always does. Their top hit "Bullet Man" is getting a lot of popularity but I'm sure everyone will find a favorite song on this project also. I'm a huge fan of "DnD" with up and coming rapper Kenny Mason as well as "Sean-Jared". Which one is your favorite?

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