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By : Joseph Fowler

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    Boominati Worldwide / Republic


    Feb 17, 2023



Metro 3 Times is back again, and this time it is a classic. There was a lot that went into this masterpiece. From production to lyrics to collaborations and even movie trailers. One can tell that this project was important to Metro Boomin who dedicated this to his mother who recently passed away. 

Everything about this album is addicting and all of the collaboration are iconic. We all know that when Metro Boomin is featured on a single that it is always gold. He started his own slate with 2017's Without Warning. It all started from there along with Savage Mode in which he collaborated with 21 Savage. and followed it up with Savage Mode 2 with special guest Drake, Young Thug and others. This was a good follow up to Not All Heroes Wear Caps because it is in the same ball park collaboration and production wise. With Heroes & Villains the maturity and growth are there. 

This project though. proved that he could take things to the next level in all categories. The album was like a sounds track to his own self movie Heroes & Villains. This album was more about the production and sound rather than the collaborations. Metro Boom's attention to detail on this album us what garnered my attention. As this was one of the best gifts that the hitmakers has given us. My favorites from this comic book frenzy soundtrack are "Too Many Nights" and of course "Superhero." If you have not seen heard this album check it out below and also peep his Coachella performance as well. 

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