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By : Joseph Fowler

  • GENRE:

    Hip-Hop/Rap - Pop

  • LABEL:

    Venice Music


    May 28, 2023



These days collaborations is a needed and sometimes you'd listen and you'd say "he don't need to put that ni**a on that hook or verse" but it happens anyway. With Kaytraminè one thing is true they both put in the work and it paid off as this is one of the more better collaborative  albums that have came out besides Her Loss of course or The Carters but it is definitely around the corner from those great projects. DJ Drama has collab projects along with DJ Khaled and others but with Kaytranada he brings a different vibe and sound to the process although it all might be similar in all aspects. 

With Kaytranada hailing from Canada and Aminé from Portland one can see the similarities as far as music taste, production and overall love in beat selection. Most importantly both had been a fan of each other for a long time. Some people don't realize that collaborative albums tend to take longer than any other project because of a number of things but mainly conflicting schedules. These two went through all of that and admitted that it took "longer" than usual, but it came out at the perfect time.  

This project is filled with great sounds, vibes and collabs apart from just these two as Big Sean, Pharrell Williams and more join the crusade. My favorite is "Sossaup" and "Master P" which I'm sure will be your favorites as well along with other so check it out if you have not!

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