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By :Zach Crumpler

  • GENRE:Experimental / Electronic

  • LABEL: Dog Show / Atlantic


    March 28, 2023



The dynamic duo of Laura Les and Dylan Brady is pretty solidified. Their new album 10,000 gecs displays the two having fun and talking shit in a pop type vibe that includes fast paced lyrics and upbeat tempos. They have been known to be the lead runners of "hyperpop".

I like this project with the two because they just have fun through out it's entirety. You can tell that the two are huge music nerds as the tempo and overall production supported their claim as experimental pop geniuses. 10,000 gecs reminded me of punk and early 2000s pop mixed with experimental chords that you can feel through out. 

The album is so short that just like you I ran it back a good number of times in order to take in a lot of the production. The musical duo did a great job of translated their style of music in this masterpiece as I was a big fan. I enjoyed the rap lyrics in "Dumbest Girl Alive" and the energy in "mememe". This album is awesome and you can tell that Laura and Dylan had the most fun making it. 

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